Embedded solutions for connected vehicles


HITRONETIC is an innovative company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of high technology embedded solutions for connected vehicles.

The ecosystem developed by HITRONETIC is a set of consistent components (hardware & software) making easy the integration of end-to-end platform connecting vehicles and providing advanced services in motion :

Surveillance & Security - Fleet Management - Passenger Connectivity - Passenger Information System - Onboard Entertainment - Onboard Advertising - And more according to your operational needs ...

... To the following Industries:

Mass Transit - Road Transportation - Law Enforcement & First Responders - Smart Cities - And more according to your business needs. 

News & Events

  • Paris France - August 2017

    RATP, ERICSSON and HITRONETIC make the first Proof Of Concept in France to demonstrate advanced CCTV services in motion through a private LTE network.

  • Paris France - December 2016

    SYTRAL - KEOLIS LYON selected HITRONETIC to equip their streetcars with its new generation end-to-end platform providing advanced CCTV services in motion.

  • Paris France, Parc des Princes - 11 Octobre 2018

    ERICSSON DAY 2018 - HITRONETIC will present its last IoT and FOG/Edge computing oriented technologies for all type of connected vehicles.


Hitronetic connects fleets of transportation vehicles and provides advanced services in motion with a fog-based architecture platform.

Shared Vision of advantages of fog-based architectures for environments in motion that need real-time performances, reliability and autonomous features like connected vehicles.

Source : openfog.org

How fog computing pushes IoT intelligence to the edge

"As the Internet of Things evolves into the Internet of Everything and expands its reach into virtually every domain, high-speed data processing, analytics and shorter response times are becoming more necessary than ever."

Source : techcrunch.com

IOT and FOG computing on 4G/5G on connected vehicles

In worldwide preview showing, HITRONETIC makes official the launching of its new IoT end-to-end platform solution for all type of connected vehicles. That is why we have created a Fog-based architecture platform which extends the Cloud to where the Things* are!

* Internet of Things

Source : hitronetic.com

First 24-meter fully electric bus, connected through the new FOG-based hitronetic platform, which provides embedded CCTV service

The Public Transportation authority of the French city of Nantes welcomes its first 100% electric bi-articulated (24 meters long) bus offering a high level of service "eBusWay" equipped by HITRONETIC's new Fog- based services platform connecting vehicles and providing embedded CCTV.

Source : busetcar.com


HITRONETIC has a partnership with the global leader in communications technology ERICSSON to develop operational onboard/ground real-time communication system based on Broadband Communication Technology or private LTE  for connected vehicles to provide advanced CCTV, Passenger connectivity, Passenger Information Systems and Advertising services in motion.

HITRONETIC has a partnership with Blue Wire for the supply and the deployment of Wireless Broadband Unlicenced solutions network.


HITRONETIC is a member of the parisian region's competitiveness cluster SYSTEMATIC within the following Groups : "Digital & Security Confidence" and "Automotive & Transports".

The French General Investment Committee approved the financing of HITRONETIC as part of the development of a "Crowd Monitoring" application providing a real-time attendance level cartography within Public Transport vehicles using video analytics.


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